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Dr. Céline Clavel

I'm an Assistant Professor at LISN CNRS,  University Paris-Saclay  and teach at IUT de Sceaux in the management department. Concerning my research, I am part of the Cognition Perception and Uses Group at LIMSI where I work on affective dimension in social interaction and on the impact of interface design for the interaction.


My research work seeks to study affective processes at stake during social interactions in real or virtual contexts using new devices to better understand human behaviour  and design adapted user interfaces. 

This includes studying the perception of facial and postural expressions of basic and complex emotions (Philip et al, 2017; Clavel et al, 2009 ; Courgeon et al, 2011) and also examining the influence of the modeling of affective processes in virtual agents on human behavior, in particular when they are carrying out an activity with a virtual agent (Fourati et al, 2016; Faur et al, 2015; Courgeon, Clavel et Martin, 2009, Courgeon & Clavel 2013).

There is also of taking into account the user characteristics in the design of these innovative devices (Faur et al, 2017, 2015) and study to what extent the users are sensitive to the features of these devices(Correge et al, 2016; Arnaud et al, 2016). 

My work focuses on the collaborative processes involved in mediated learning experience by innovative technologies (Chen et al., 2014)

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